Chuseok: its celebration and significance by Joe

There are many celebrations made yearly in Korea and the purposes of these are celebrations of independence, stages in life such as weddings and achievement such as graduations. Aside from these, there is one traditional festivity every year in Korea. This is called ‘Chuseok’.

When it comes to Chuseok, its purpose is to commemorate our ancestors, and this festivity is similar to Thanksgiving Day of Westerners and Europeans. Generally, most Koreans gather in grandparents’ houses and they prepare various traditional dishes such as rice cake which is called ‘Songpyon’. In addition, during the ceremony, Koreans show their gratitude to ancestors. After the ceremony, family members and relatives eat special meals together. This celebration lasts for three days. Thus, it’s a big national holiday.

According to the news, in South Korea, many people are busy nowadays because of work, school and so on. So, if Chuseok is not celebrated it is hard for family members and relatives to gather. Thus, the significance of Chuseok is that we can maintain a strong relationship with our relatives. However, some people tend to travel or take a rest without the ceremony during Chuseok. Moreover, some people prepare Western foods such as pizza. It seems as if they have forgotten the purpose of Chuseok. Western culture influenced them a lot. Thus, our tradition is becoming insignificant.

In conclusion, this festivity should be holy and pure. Also, we need to put a lot of emphasis on having a great relationship with our family members and relatives. I mean, it is important to maintain our tradition.