MONOL – Good memories in Baguio

good memories in baguio

Baguio, it is the first city in another country that I visited and I have the best memories throughout my stay. I have stayed here in Baguio for 5 months. Although I came to Baguio in order to learn English, I learned a lot of common knowledge in this period as well.

Therefore, my life in Baguio is full of many memories. While some of the memories make me joyful, other memories make me indignant. No matter what these memories are good or bad, I won’t forget them in perpetuity since they are my precious experiences.

Do you want to know what my good memories are?

Let me tell you about them. First, I met many foreign and Taiwanese friends. We took care of each other and we talked about everything and ourselves. Despite the fact that we fought from time to time, we could restore good relations quickly. Thus, my life in Baguio wasn’t lonely because of my friends, especially my Taiwanese friends. At the moment, even though they are back to Taiwan, we still keep in touch by sending text messages.

Second, I found new snacks such as banana chips, cheese bars, pasta etc. I am fond of delicious foods particularly special snacks, so I enjoy buying special snacks. I get to share those snacks with everybody because I believe that the more I share, the happier I’ll be.

Lastly, there are many kind teachers in Monol. Even though I always tell teachers, “I want to go back to Taiwan”, teachers don’t get angry at me. Instead, they tell me many funny things about Baguio. Therefore, I am keen on talking with teachers.

On the other hand, what are my bad memories?

First, I have eaten Monol foods and have drunk the same beverages for 5 months. But, most of the foods are too spicy and beverages are too sweet for me. Moreover, I am also afraid of raw foods. Thus, at times I only ate pasta and drank coffee instead of a full meal in Baguio.

Second, the weather of Baguio is always rainy. It is so damp that I have been sick five times. Until now, I couldn’t adapt to the weather of Baguio and for that reason, my mother is worried about my health.

Last, Baguio’s wifi is not always reliable. Even though I tried buying the sim Internet, it was still awful. Internet connection is so important for me as I need to get in touch with my family.

My life in Baguio is colorful and exciting because of these precious memories. I will soon leave Baguio where I had a ball staying for 6 months. In the future, perhaps if I have time, I will come to Baguio again.