Spring Festival: its celebration and significance by Rudy

In China, the most important festival is the Spring Festival. In Chinese, it is called Nian(年). It has been celebrated for thousands of years. Spring Festival was derived from an ancient legend. It’s said that there was a terrible monster whose name was Nian. This horrible monster liked eating humans, especially younger kids. So, the people were scared of Nian. Fortunately, a hero organized the people and beat down the monster, but the monster just escaped away. Even though the monster was gone, his image was always in the people’s mind; They worried that he might come back. Thus, a wise person thought of a good method to prevent the monster’s return. On the coldest day of the year, red papers on which the holy letters were written were posted on the doors, walls, and trees. This could prevent the monster from coming back, because the color red was believed to be the nightmare of the monster. From then on, the people would put red papers on their houses during the coldest day of the year, which was set to be the first day of Lunar New Year in China. This marks the beginning of Chinese the Spring Festival.

Nowadays, many traditional celebrations are changing. However, the Spring Festival is still the most important                 day in the hearts of Chinese people. The Spring Festival is the day on which all people share precious time with their parents. It’s the day when most people stop working and prepare for the coming New Year. It’s the day when people express their concerns to their friends. It’s also the day on which children display different fireworks. Of course, as culture developed, the words on red papers have become more literal and meaningful. The celebration styles have been enriching too. And, there is a special program on the exening of Spring Festival which is a TV party. Almost all Chinese enjoy this party. In my opinion, Spring Festival will become the cultural symbol of China.