Bell Church

Going to Bell Church is like stepping inside an old Kung-fu movie. It gives you a very oriental vibe with its pagodas, dragon adornments lotus ponds, stone lion sculptures, a koi fish pond, and of course the temple itself, with images and statues of the Buddha. This is one of the few Chinese Buddhist temples in Baguio and it’s always a nice side trip whenever you are in the City of Pines.


“The Chinese Culture in Baguio”

It has an ambiance of a bright and solemn spot which is ideal if you wanted to have some time alone. If you’re lucky you might come on a day where the children are practicing on their Taiko drums and perfecting the dragon dance or the lion dance.

Bell Church derives its name from an old belief that bells ward of evil and bad luck. Hence the name and bells found all over the place. It is located along the road leading to the town of La Trinidad, Benguet. The temple is open everyday but the pagodas are only open on Saturdays and Sundays. There are days that you might catch the Filipino-Chinese community practicing Tai-chi kung-fu if you visit early in the morning.


One thing you’ll surely love about Bell church is its peacefulness that’ll make you feel at ease. It’s perfect for meditation and just simple and quiet contemplation. So if ever you feel like having some YOU time then it’s one of the recommended places to visit.

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