TALK – Dang Min Jeung, from Australia to the Philippines

danyHello, everyone! I’m Dany and I was chosen to give a simple speech today.

I have stayed here for 3 months. At first, I wanted to improve my English skill and my ultimate goal is to get a high score. Those are the reason I came here. However, I forgot my goals during my stay here. I love going out with my friends and teachers, but I don’t regret it because I couldn’t meet good friends and teachers.

Actually, I used to live in Sydney for a year, but I was afraid to meet foreigners and local people during my stay there. So I wanted to improve my confidence. My teachers helped me to gain confidence by learning the language. They always encourage and motivate me to do better. Thanks to my teachers who are always there to help me and to guide me. I really appreciate their efforts and kindness.

If I had much money, I will extend my time here in TALK Academy. Unfortunately, I ran out of money so I don’t have much choice but to go back to Australia and try to earn much money.

I believe in this saying: “Some may come; some may go”. Maybe one day, we will meet again because I also believe connections and relationships never stop, it always finds a way to meet again.

Thank you for listening to my simple but sincere message. Congratulations, enjoy and be ready for the next level of our lives. Break a leg! It means good luck. Thank you so much and enjoy!

— Dang Min Jeung “DANY”