TALK – What is the city that Hui-Pin Huang described as ‘filled with very good people’?


Good morning, everyone. I’m Angel.

Studying in the Philippines for only 2 weeks happened in a flash. Although it was a short period of time, I think that it is all worth it because I met many friends. I appreciate my teachers who taught me English. I feel that I got a very wonderful experience.

I realized that there was a big problem when I cannot speak English well, especially at the place where I’ve been employed. The company is known as a global company. It has branches all over the world, and the number is increasing every year. I thought about studying TOEIC. I am attracted by the suitable climate that I can concentrate on my studies and Spartan nature suitable for myself and so I chose TALK Academy.

Teachers taught me completely about knowledge on grammar and vocabulary. The score I got is not satisfying yet, but I want to say thank you for my teachers who patiently helped me overcome one obstacle in my life. My “English learning journey” has just begun.

I will not forget to remain true to my original resolution I learned at such time, I will do my best. Keep moving and don’t settle for anything less! Good luck to everyone and Congratulations!

Time flies, and I lost track of time. I had really good experiences while I stayed here because I studied English and enjoyed a lot of holidays. We survived months of studying, memorizing vocabularies, and doing homework.

As time goes by, we became comfortable in TALK Academy. I have learned a lot of things. Even though we are graduating, we should improve toward our goal, so I hope that we will become good leaders.

I would like to express my appreciation towards my batch mates and friends. They took care of me and made me happy because I spent a lot of time with them. I also thank my teachers who taught me and helped me improve my English skills, so I want to continuously keep in touch with them.

I will never forget those good memories that we shared together, and I will always treasure and keep them as a reminder that I once was in a city filled with very good people.

— Hui-Pin “ANGEL” Huang