TALK – Jeon Hyeongseo from Korea thinks TALK Academy is a very good place for studying English and building friendship


Hello Everyone. Good morning,

Today, I’m very sad because today is my graduation. Why am I sad? It’s because I can’t see my classmates and my roommate anymore. For 2 months, I enjoyed my stay here with my classmates and my brother, Johnson.

What do I think of TALK Academy?

I think TALK Academy in Baguio is a very good place for studying English, building relationship and friendship. Thank you to my teachers, to my roommate, to my classmates. And, thank you to Manager James and Manager Kenneth.

Congratulations to all of us! Let’s keep learning and practicing the things that we have learned here. Good luck to all of us, and I wish all the best for our future. Thank you very much.

Goodbye, Baguio City. ‘Til next time.

— Jeon “MAX” Hyeongseo