TALK – Kim Taemin talks about his hardship on using the English language


A pleasant morning to everyone. Hi, my name is Tam.

Today is our graduation day so I would like to congratulate all of us.

First, when I arrived here in Yangco center, I didn’t know how to speak English. It was really difficult for me to communicate. Sad to say, I didn’t study English in Korea. But I need English for the reason that I’m going to Australia.

It was hard for me to understand English, so I think my teachers also felt the hardship of teaching me. I said to my teachers, my English skill is very low so they catered to my level. During my first month, I didn’t know if my English ability was improving. I did my best to listen and use what they teach me.

I admit that it was not easy, but I still had a lot of fun in class. All of my teachers are kind and patient. Their skills in teaching are good, so more or less, I still learned many things. Now, my English level is not yet that bad.

Nonetheless, I would use all that I have learned so that I can enjoy and live well in Australia. Looking back, if my teachers hadn’t helped me, giving this speech would have been impossible. I’m really grateful to my teachers. In addition, to my batch mates and academy friends, I enjoyed hanging out with all of you. My academy life became more fun. Finally, to all of us, study harder. Practice more and definitely we can achieve all our goals.

Good luck to all of us! Fighting!

— Kim “TAM” Taemin