TALK – Lee Youjin talks about having the passion to learning English


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,

For the knowledge of everyone here, talk academy isn’t my first academy here in Baguio. It is actually my second. Well, if you will be asking me why I didn’t stay in my previous academy, my answer is very simple. Talk Academy is the nearest academy to SM and Session road. That’s all.

Actually, it is not about the academy. It is how much passion and dedication you have to learn the language. In my case, my main purpose is to brush up my English and be a better speaker of the language.

Unfortunately, my 2 months in talk academy was a bit lighter compared to how I studied in my previous academy. On the other hand, I really enjoyed my classes with my teachers and classmates.

My two months in talk academy wasn’t only about learning English. Some of my teachers even taught me about life. They opened my eyes on how beautiful and majestic life is. Life, as we know, is never an easy task for us. Fortunately, I had teachers who were always there to listen and give me advice whenever I need it.

About everything else, I’m very thankful for all the lessons that helped my English. I learned a lot of American slang, useful expressions and much more. I also learned many techniques on how to fix my common grammar mistakes. Moreover, my vocabulary knowledge greatly improved during my stay.

Before I end, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to not only teacher in Yangco but also all of the teachers in this academy for always giving your best to help students improve their skills in using the English language. To all the graduates, I wish you all the best and good luck in your future endeavors.

Let us give ourselves a big round of applause!!

— Lee Youjin “YOUJIN”