TALK – Noh Min Seob from Korea give thanks to all his teachers


Hello, I’m James from the beautiful city of Yangj, South Korea.

Time flies and it seems that yesterday was my first time to see SM Baguio. It’s time to go back home and I will never forget my experiences here which I consider the most unforgettable one.

At first, I was worried and scared because I will meet new people, new environment, and I am worried on how to study English in such a way that I can easily understand English. But my kind and great teachers and friends helped me to do so.

I enrolled TOEIC course. And since I can’t go out during weekdays, I’m always looking forward and always wish that every day is a weekend. That’s when I realized the importance of time management. At first, I didn’t go to any weekend trip but instead, I went to the internet cafe because I want to get that gold level of the awesome game LOL. And I will never forget the taste of Jjapagetti at Buzz internet cafe.

In addition, I enjoyed table tennis after class. Snack parties with foreigner friends who helped me learn and understand their culture. Initially, I thought Japanese don’t eat spicy food but I was wrong. Because I found out that some of them eat spicier food than Koreans.

My teachers are sometimes strict and kind, but I would like to thank all of them:

To teacher Anie, who is always serious and honest.

To teacher Jet-jet, who I will always consider my big brother.

To teacher Aileen whom I always call Jollibee.

To teacher Bing, who I consider my Mom while I stay here at EnE.

And to teacher Jez who always tells Jollibee that she hates me which is not true.

To teacher Melinda who always recommends places to eat and to relax. I think “Camping Date” is the best.

To Manager Louis who always consider himself as one of the students and like the biggest brother.

Also, to my batchmate, Hong, I will never forget our good times, also, the food like sisig and lechon.

I will surely miss and never forget all of you. Thank you, guys, for sharing your time and it’s good to have those memories with you. Thank you!

— Noh Min Seob “James”