TALK – Park Hyejin gives thanks for a worthwhile student life


Hello. Good morning. I am Bella.

Today is our graduation day! I have been studying at TALK Academy for 14 weeks. I studied ESL and TOEIC for 10 weeks at Yangco center and one month at ENE center. When I first came here, it was difficult to adapt to strangers and strange circumstances to use the English language so, sometimes, it’s information overload for me.

At first, I didn’t understand English well and cannot even construct simple sentences. But in the last 14 weeks, my English has improved.

I want to thank TALK Academy and my teachers who provided a good environment for me to study happily. Even though attending class every day seems tiring at times, my teachers encouraged me to help me focus in class with their different ways of teaching.

I came here to meet many foreign friends, communicate with each other in English and sharing my emotions and thoughts with them. This experience is so amazing and precious to me.

In the Philippines and in TALK Academy, I learned not only English but also a lot of important things in life. I will never forget all the encounters and experience that I had here, learning through conversing with people, relationship with teachers, and meeting new friends. Choosing to study here in TALK Academy is the best choice I’ve made. I would like to thank all of my batch mates, all of my friends, my teachers, the managers, and the support staff Kuya, ates, and guard who have been kind to me.

My experiences and learning will lead me to a better life. Sometimes, I was a noisy and talkative student, but I thank everyone who gave me my precious memories. It’s one of the great times in my life.

Thank you for listening to my graduation speech. Happy graduation to all of us!

— Park Hyejin “BELLA”