TALK – Learn how Yun Gi Han survived the ESL Course in 8 weeks


Good morning, everyone. I’m Ken. I have taken ESL course for 8 weeks in EnE center.

Before we start, I hope you’ll excuse my English skill because I’m a little out of practice. I experienced and learned a lot of things in the Philippines but, today, I will talk about “how I improved my English skills”

After finishing my military service, I came here directly to study English before going to Toronto. That is because my goal is to take English Major Course in the university. Furthermore, I want to get a job for a foreign company and work abroad in the future. So, I tried to find the best way and did my best. If you are interested in my ways, please listen to me.

First, I always preview and review all my lessons every night. We already know this habit is good for our memory retention. Second, I required my teachers to give me homework daily as many as possible because I usually waste my time when I don’t have any homework to do. Third, I took advantage of approaching and talking to foreign students because I want to practice and communicate in English. Fortunately, EnE has a lot of foreigners from not only two countries and luckily, they’re very kind so I could easily get along with them.

With these efforts, I am positive with my improvement. So I feel thankful for my teachers who teach me a lot of things, for ates who makes atmosphere pleasant, for friends who hang out with me. And most especially, I really want to tell my roommate, Charles, “Thank you” because he helped me easily to adapt here and sometimes gives me good advice.

Good morning again and thanks for listening. I’m signing out.

— Yun Gi Han “KEN”