BECI – You don’t have to worry about IELTS anymore when you read this speech from this graduate


Hello. I’m Nick and have studied English in BECI for six months long.

I enrolled in a course quiet longer compared with the other students in BECI, but time flies so fast. I settled in the BECI life with passionate teachers and kind managers who have helped me overcome my difficulties.

Graduating wasn’t the only best thing but having lots of memories with friends was another one.

As I leave BECI I can say that I ‘m satisfied in choosing BECI as my English School because I have improved my English skill.

I took ESL class for two months and studied IELTS course for the last four months. When I arrived here, I didn’t much know about English, so I took ESL class for the first time. I found out that studying abroad is full of fun and excitement. I was learning the basics of English from ESL class at the same time familiarizing English with my daily life through going on many trips.

Shifting to IELTS was a great choice because it made me improved my English skill one step further. I observed that I could converse in English better than before and also I could study English more effectively. It was a needed skill in IELTS to use deeper words and make complicated yet perfect sentences. I used to use usual vocabulary and made simple sentences so it felt like climbing to the top of the mountain.

IELTS course is composed of four parts like reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students study the course in accordance with the IELTS exam. Reading part of IELTS measures the ability of the learner’s comprehension. In writing part, the learner’s ability is measured thru describing and expressing his opinion by answering questions in accordance with their difficulty. The listening part uses the British accent. The speaking test is divided into 3 sections Teachers in IELTS both Filipino and native have been teaching for a long time and have excellent teaching skills.

We also have a native teacher from the UK here in BECI. This set up would give balance in every part of the study and give students the perfect environment to prepare for the IELTS exam.

Before, I was simply just satisfied with my improved English skill until I joined IELTS.

Through the IELTS class and trial examination, it gave me improvements I never expected. It motivated me to study harder and began to develop a deeper passion for learning. I took trial examination every week. I checked my mistakes and made a note of every wrong answer I had. I bet that was quite challenging at the same time it was making me proud of myself.

I prefer to have my self-study time in the lounge because that place could give me unrestricted view thru the glass window. Moreover, the calm and comfortable atmosphere of the lounge could give me more concentration and focus.

I did my best to memorize unfamiliar English words and study English grammar that I failed to do right. I realized that the richer vocabulary you have the more accurate you could express yourself. In addition to that, habitual usage of what you have learned could make you get used to it and greater chance to not forget it. So, that’s the reason why I traveled to many places for 6 months. It made me experience the thing I thought and how I improved than before.

I felt Baguio City has a beautiful nature and excellent education which can never make me forget the precious memories I had experience and which helped me reached my full potential in BECI.

-Nick from BECI a place where you can have a dream and follow your dream-