BECI – 4 Things that Made Dragon & Emma from Korea Choose BESA as their English School

This is the story about couple Emma and Dragon who studied English for a month in DEC, 2016.They regretted their previous training school in the Philippines some years ago that’s why this time they carefully chose BECI as their English school.

Here is the valuable review of BECI written by Emma herself.


1. The reason why I chose BECI as an English school

My husband, Dragon, had a month vacation and he wanted to study English in the Philippines. He chose Baguio City because of the cool weather. Many agencies recommended BECI as an English school and sent lots of information and picture of BECI.  We were so impressed that we decided to come and study in BECI.

2. The atmosphere in BECI

At the first, I hesitated to come here because of the 5 hour-distance from Manila airport to Baguio by car but the calm and magnificent scenery of BECI made me forget the long trip I had. I arrived in BECI around 5 in the morning and I saw the dormitory was covered with fog.

The scenery made me feel like I entered Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School.

My room was located on the second floor and the structure of the stairs gave me a feeling like as if I am under some sort of spell. The construction of the dormitory gave consideration to the conservation of nature so on the 1st floor you can find rocks which impressed me. Some people might think design but it’s not.

3. The course offered by BECI

My husband and I enrolled in a SEMI-SPARTA course. My husband studied hardly just like the other students.

As for me, I didn’t put pressure on myself because I consider it as just a trip. I could take the man-to-man class in accordance with my level. In the group class, I had classmates who came from other countries. It was a good chance to discuss the cultural differences among countries.

4. Why BECI is the best place to study

I consider my stay in BECI valuable because during the weekdays I study and during the weekends I roam around Baguio city. I visited many tourist spots in such as Burnham Park, Wright Park which is the place to ride a horse, Bencab Museum and Hundred Islands. This experience made my one month vacation unforgettable and the memories will stay with me forever.

If you want to have a self-study after class, just go to the BECI lounge. The lights are on until late night. In the lounge, you can meet and study with the students who are eager in studies. In addition to that, whenever you feel tired on your studies just look at the window and enjoy the view to make you feel comfortable. I saw the lighted lounge during the night and I really felt like I am in Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School.

I was satisfied with the English training in BECI and my daughter is going to study here after some weeks. Also, I surely recommended BECI as an English school to my friends.


“Emma and Dragon took a rest from work while in BECI. They spent the last month of 2016 here in BECI. They came out with their life plans for New Year. We won’t easily forget their big smile and how they appreciated and enjoyed every single day in BECI. They were not only enthusiastic students but also a role model of life to us. BECI wishes them luck this New Year 2017 in Korea.”