BECI – Why this student from Japan finds BECI a good school to learn Australian English

How long did you stay in Australia and why?

I decided to go to Australia because I want to teach English in a foreign country and love to go abroad. I originally planned to stay for 2 years, but I came to BECI after just a year.

Why did you decide to study abroad in Philippine and why did you choose Baguio?

To be honest, I thought that I was not ready to become an English teacher for a year of working including a 4-month language institute.  In the meantime, my Japanese friend in Australia suggests me to study in Baguio (especially BECI). She told me that she studied in the BECI before, and she had improved the ability to speak dramatically during the BECI program. I decided to study language training at Baguio (BECI) in SUMMER (HANAOKA NATSUMI).pngmy friend’s recommendation because I wanted to speak more fluently.

Do you think your English has improved in the Philippines? What is the difference between Australia?

I have studied SPARTA course for one month. During that time, I felt that I could speak more naturally (sound pronunciation, fast response) than ever before, by taking the REHAB program and SP program which specializes in enhancing speaking ability studying 11 hours a day.

The reason why I could improve my conversation skills in such a short period of time, I strongly recommend 5 hours of 1:1 class in a day. Since there is only group class in Australia, there is not much time to talk. In comparison, I can speak a lot of time in the 1:1 class, which is characteristic of Philippines language training.  Moreover, the teachers could correct the pronunciation and the grammar in the class easily so that speaking ability could be improved very fast in a short period of time.

I heard that you are taking SP test every week. Is it helpful?

A: Yes, I definitely attend SP tests. Unlike listening and writing, speaking mistakes are seldom known. However, BECI’s SP program can correct what I said in the speaking test so I can correct mistakes (grammar, pronunciation, etc.) in right pronunciation and right grammar.

How was REHAB program, what was your favorite?

REHAB program is one of the programs that I look forward to attending. I had been studying abroad in Australia, but I think Australia is very unique because it has diverse racial and regional sounds. It is true that Australian English is a little bit different from English, American and other kinds of English. The REHAB program enables students to learn correct pronunciation. Teacher Paul teaches the difference between the pronunciation of American English and British English. After that, I could speak English with confidence.


What is your plan after graduation?

My goal is to become an English teacher. It requires a high level of English ability. Although I have studied at BECI for a month now and have improved English especially speaking English, I still feel that I need some more. During the rest of the month, I will study hard in SPARTA course in BECI. After the graduation, I will go on my second working holiday to Australia.