BECI – Harry explains why Vietnamese should choose this school to learn English

How important English to you? Why do you decide to study English, even though you had a good job?

Before coming here in BECI, I worked in Formwork Designer and Technical Sales Team. It’s a construction company, which has a lot of foreign employees. Although I worked in an international company, I didn’t have many opportunities to contact foreigner workers. The reason was, maybe we have our own work to do. Another reason was, I felt hesitant about my English skills, so I was afraid to communicate with them. Every time I see someone, talking to foreign colleagues, I extremely admire them. I wish I could be confident and fluent like them.


In my company, if someone wants to go higher positions, they should have good communication using English. Like many young people, who have the desire to be in a higher position, I really want to improve my English skills, in order to achieve this.

Besides, I love traveling a lot, especially overseas backpacking, but with my limited English, I haven’t gone to many places, to satisfy my personal preferences.

Realizing that there are so many reasons and benefits of studying English, I bravely decided to take a vacation and came here to BECI to improve my English skills.

How long have you studied in BECI? How do you feel about this place?

I decided to take a vacation and spent two months here in BECI to improve my English skills. Actually, when I arrived here, on my first day, I was really excited and surprised, because it was my first time to visit another country Philippines. I had a lot of new things to try here in Baguio City that is really exciting. I had new friends from different countries, for example, students from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and also, of course, I met also Filipino teachers and staff.

During my first day of class, honestly, I couldn’t understand what my teachers were teaching because of my limited vocabulary and my comprehension in English. In man-to-man classes, I studied directly with my teacher, so I could really ask questions if I didn’t understand. We can have a discussion and my teacher can address my concerns. My teacher can also correct me in a detailed manner. Strengths and weaknesses can easily be addressed to me inside my class, so day by day I can really feel my improvement.

For the group classes, I can study with different nationalities, so it’s our advantage so that we can just use English entire class. I felt my self-confidence boosted up during my Speaking and Listening Group Class.

I am very happy because my English skill is gradually improving, I am more confident now to use English.

The first time you came here, you were taking up the Sparta ESL, but you’ve changed into TOEIC, why?

After a month being a SPARTA student, I felt that my speaking and listening improved, and I am really happy about that. I was thinking that time that if I transfer to TOEIC, I can focus other skills like the test-taking strategies, Mock Test, more about business vocabularies and so on. I’d like to continue studying more about English but I have only limited time here in the Philippines. My company just gave me two (2) months for my vacation.

Luckily, my company is a good environment for me to use whatever skills I’ve learned here. With all the knowledge I’ve gained here, I believe that I am already confident to communicate with my foreign colleagues.

Do you have any recommendation to our academy, BECI for the betterment and for the best academy for Vietnamese students like you?

After two months studying English here in BECI, I think it is a very good and suitable academy for us, Vietnamese.

The environment is quiet and has fresh air, it’s really suitable for students, who want to focus or concentrate on their studies. Teachers are friendly, kind, and very enthusiastic in helping their students in any way. I am very grateful for what they did to me. Being in the Sparta Course is quite hard because you need to study for more than 9 hours a day, but this program is relevant for those students who want to focus absolutely on improving their English skills.

graduation (12_29_2016) (14).jpg

Moreover, academy’s food is delicious, we had the chance to show Vietnamese food in our activity. Many friends liked it, so I think it would be even better if we put more Vietnamese foods.

— Harry, Vietnam