“BESA Welcomed Vietnamese agencies in Baguio”

Familiarize is to give knowledge or understanding, thus Familiarization Tour was held from March 5-8, 2017 by Baguio English School Association (BESA) for Vietnamese Agency representatives. BESA is a learning organization comprised of 13 schools specializing in English Language based in Baguio City, Philippines.

The Familiarization Tour for Vietnamese was hosted to visit and witness what the schools has to offer. The visitors were welcomed with exceptional hospitality by the instructors, officers and presidents of each Academy. Each of the visited educational providers gave orientation about their English courses (English as Second Language, IELTS, TOFELS and so on) Activities, Tuition Fees, Scholarship grants and the Facilities. Commonly, schools offer one on one class session, group session or which of the curriculum depending on the students need. Part of the four day tour of the representatives here in Baguio, according to their itinerary, was the arrival of the Vietnamese agents on the first day.

IMG_4408 copy.jpg

The second day was the real start of their tour where they roam around at the other schools which are Pines International Academy, CNS II-Globalize Language Center, Inc., HELP English Language Program, Inc., Keunmoon Academy, Monol International Education Institute, Inc. and Pines International Academy, Inc.

On the third day, the twenty-one (21) representatives of various agencies from Vietnam were also introduced to the remaining English Schools as shown in the itinerary such as BECI International, Baguio JIC, A&J e-EduDC, Talk Academy and Wales. It can be distinguished on their faces that they are overwhelmed and happy to have a sneak peak on the schools.

To give the visitors more excitement, there were also some lucky draws conducted, and they were provided meals and snacks as well. Gifts as a token were also given from some of the schools and you could see the smile on the Vietnamese representatives receiving it. They were eager to learn more and so much interested.  And on their last day of the tour, is their tour in one of the tourist spot in the City of Pines, Camp John Hay.

The reason Baguio as the school ground is because the City is a mixture of cultures brought by the diverse people in the Cordilleras. Not only that it is safe for students to live here, but also it offers beautiful sceneries and the cold fair weather that makes it different from other places. Baguio also welcomes other races who are also undergoing their English studies here such as Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, and other Asian countries as well as Middle Easterners.

We personally believe all the visitors enjoyed and had a great experience on their tour concluding CHOOSE BAGUIO, CHOOSE PHILIPPINES, and CHOOSE BESA for a better learning.