For learning, experience, and growth.

In the past, one would notice that Baguio was usually populated by tourists and missionaries on retreats or vacations. In addition to these tourists, you see all kinds of students nowadays – local and foreign.

Apparently, students are not only attracted to the cool climate of Baguio anymore but also to the various venues for self-discovery and personality development during their academic journey. The art community is very alive and active, programs for indigenous youth as well as research for Cordilleran studies are well-promoted, religious organizations are free to practice their faith, and advocacies for advancing human rights and welfare are being voiced. One would also notice that foreign students are now more involved in sports, evangelical missions, and community development projects. Indeed, Baguio is now populated with and is nurturing more passionate and critical thinkers.

For such a small city, supposedly designed for 30,000 residents only, it is astounding that Baguio is able to withstand the bloat in population considering the number of students that come and go every year. Nevertheless, as long as the students keep their burning passion for ambition, never stop aiming for successful careers, and never lose the diligence for studying their chosen fields, Baguio will continue to be the home to these young minds and lead them to a better future.

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