La Trinidad Strawberry Festival 2017

La Trinidad’s 36th Strawberry Festival was a huge success. The sweet celebration of was made even sweeter than ever the continuous support of the people of this town through the initiatives of the organizers.


The festivities start in February of each year and ends in March. This two-month long celebration showcased every products and talents this town have. Featured in this place are the beautiful terrains and tourist spots, the freshest flowers and vegetables, coffee products, strawberry products, talents and events that people will truly love.

One of the organizers said that the strawberry symbolizes the shape of a heart, adding that people must exert love in everything that they do being residents. The town gives them the provision that they must take care of it.

The highlight of this festival is the presentation of the Sweetest and Biggest Strawberries from farmers. The show gave delights to the audience and contenders as bigger, sweeter and more beautiful strawberries have grown compared to last year.

Even the crowd and media joined the excitement and enjoyed the strawberry eating contest.

Another is the slicing and the distribution of the Giant Strawberry Cake, the first baked giant cake that is still the record holder of the Biggest Strawberry shortcake in Guinness World Book of Record.

It was an overwhelming and joyous experience to witness an incredibly huge strawberry shaped cake. This happened after the Float parade, street dance, and drum & lyre competition where different barangays and schools in La Trinidad participated other events include Kapitan sa La Trinidad, Coffee Fest, Agro-industrial Fair, Flower Arrangement Contest, Dog show and much more.


Main events include Owik Tan Tayao & Multicultural Celebrations, mass wedding, Mr. and Ms. La Trinidad Pageant, Barangay Night, and the most anticipated Closing and Awarding Rites.

Definitely, the event is overloaded with fun and, of course, strawberries! This is one reason why you should consider visiting La Trinidad. The experience will make us understand the diverse culture in the mountains of Cordillera.

We look forward to what’s next and what will be unveiled on this coming year’s celebration of the La Trinidad Strawberry. YOU MUST BE THERE!

Happy Panaspulan!

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