BECI – London praises BECI being a diverse English school

This is the review of London, a pretty girl who comes from Vietnam. She had a good time in BECI and she also has some nice tips about studying English Let’s read together!


We were surprised after we found out that you are a student in an international university in Vietnam. Could you tell us the reason why you came to BECI to study English?

I am a student in Staffordshire University which has a campus in Vietnam and I had 2 months to rest, that’s why I came to BECI to study English. In fact, studying English in Vietnam and in The Philippines is totally different. Even though I’m studying in an international University, I still live in a Vietnamese environment, and after school, I only spoke Vietnamese. For that reason, I wanted to have a good environment to practice my English and I came to BECI.

What’s the difference between studying English in Vietnam and in The Philippines?

As you know, most Vietnamese speak Vietnamese and only a few speak English with the majority. This makes people want to study English within a practical environment. Whenever people want to speak English, they always feel shy and afraid to commit mistakes.

Accordingly, if the Vietnamese want to improve their English skills, they have to overcome these factors or do it the other way, like studying abroad which has a completely English environment. In my case, I can speak English and communicate with my teachers who are foreigners, but sometimes I feel it is not natural because we always talk about academics. Since I want to develop my English more, I took advantage of the 2-month holiday to go to BECI to improve more.

How did you feel when you arrived here?

I got surprised a lot. Because I have already traveled in some Asian countries and most of these countries speak their mother language and only a few can speak English like Vietnam.

But Filipinos are different – they can speak English very well, from the drivers to the salesmen. I like the environment on the first day of my arrival.

When I arrived in BECI, I felt very interested because of the nationalities of the students. I knew BECI has Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese students, but I didn’t expect that BECI also has Chinese, Thai, Yemeni students.

What a diversity in nationalities!

I can say that I can confidently speak in English with anyone I meet in BECI. In my class, I study with Filipino teachers and my classmates who are from Korea, Yemen, and Japan. I also have Taiwanese and Korean roommates. I can also talk in English with all of the staff of BECI, even to the helpers, security men and kitchen personnel.

This is completely an English-speaking environment.

During the weekend, I always hang out with my batchmates who are Japanese and Korean. We visited some of the nice places in Baguio and nearby. In my opinion, we have to take advantage of this opportunity to speak in English anytime and anywhere because our time here is very short. At first, we will be afraid to communicate because we think we might have misunderstandings with foreign friends, but after a week, I believe we can talk freely.

Besides, when we always speak in English, we will know how to use vocabulary properly and the opportunity to enrich our skills in vocabulary.

Would you like to share some tips about studying English in BECI?

In my case, I have some advice for people who really want to improve their English skills:

  • First, we should talk a lot with our teachers and foreign friends by any means. We can share our culture, opinion in some topics or we can hang out together during the weekend. This is a way to increase our vocabulary and to form a natural way of speaking.

  • Second, I think we must study and relax at the same time. Avoid getting stressed! I follow a pattern which is 80% studying and 20% relaxation. Because if we are stressed we can’t acquire knowledge from our teachers.

  • Lastly, we have to practice and do our assignments. Doing homework will help us remember our lessons longer, as well as the knowledge that we have learned. As I have said, our time in BECI is very short so I should take advantage of the good studying environment.

And I would like to say thank you to all the teachers, managers and friends at BECI. Thanks for giving me a good and unforgettable time. I wish you guys have good health and I hope BECI continues to grow!

— London

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