Mt. Cabuyao: A step closer to the sky

Imagine a place where the sky and earth meet. Imagine it right on your doorstep.


This is Mount Cabuyao, one of the mountain ranges protected by the City of Baguio. And it can be seen when you look out of your window from BECI. The best thing about that is it’s just a hike away!

Mt. Cabuyao, also known as Santo Tomas, gains more popularity as a tourist destination. This is partly because of a recent rom-com TV show filmed in the area.


The fictional Sitio La Presa (Forevermore)

A hike to Cabuyao would take 30 minutes to an hour or more depending on how far you are trekking and which way you choose to climb up. No matter the manner you choose to reach the top, the experience will surely be very enjoyable.

The temperature in Mt. Cabuyao can reach 24° Celsius high to a 10° – 8° Celsius low, cool don’t you think?

Mt. Cabuyao is home to a lot of the original settlers of Baonio. They were the ones who lived and thrived in the mountain even before the Spaniards, the Japanese, and the Americans came to this beautiful country.

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Mt. Cabuyao is one of the places you can see the majestic view of Baguio City. Not only that, if you hike a bit more you can reach the ridge where you can see both the setting of the sun and the rising of the moon at the same time!

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