MONOL – Joey faces his fear of heights to the summit of Mt. Ulap


The Best Place I Visited in the Philippines

The most unforgettable place which I have visited in the Philippines is Mt. Ulap.

Teacher Hazel invited me to go to Mt. Ulap. Before I went to Mt. Ulap, I had never experienced hiking. It was a great chance to experience something new, so I accepted the invitation without a doubt. I especially looked forward to seeing the scenery at Mt. Ulap.

Instead of climbing boots, I put on my casual shoes before I departed Monol and I didn’t carry any bottle of water. My preparation was not suitable because I thought that we would take a jeepney to reach the summit of Mt. Ulap and just stroll around.

When I stood in front of the entrance of Mt. Ulap, I knew that I made a huge mistake. The path which we had to walk on was only 80 centimeters wide but eight kilometers long. In addition, Mt. Ulap is 1,846 meters above sea level. If I tumbled down, I could die. I wanted to give up but I was attracted by the scenery.

After some consideration, I decided to go ahead. It was hard for me because I had acrophobia. I could not enjoy the scenery since I had to focus on trekking. I was so afraid of height that I kept thinking about giving up. Fortunately, Teacher Hazel encouraged and helped me all the time.

When we took a rest at the first peak, the Ambanao Paoay Peak, I was fascinated by the magnificent scenery. The beauty of the scenery surpassed all my expectations. We admired the splendor of the mountain scenery. I could not wait to reach the summit of Mt. Ulap.

After four hours of trekking, we reached the summit of Mt. Ulap. The scenery was too amazing to describe. There were immense prairies in the bright sunlight. I even saw plenty of trees and fluffy clouds which made the mountain colorful.


I had never been to such a picturesque place like that. It took us almost six hours to complete the whole course but it was worth the effort.

I would never forget this adventure because I did not only see the beautiful scenery, but  I also overcame my timidity. Mt. Ulap was the best place that I have visited in the Philippines.

— Joey

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