Dining experience in Baguio City

We went for a hunt on dining places that could satisfy our taste buds that the City of Baguio has to offer.  Found in front of Wright Park is Ketchup Food Community, a circle of five restaurants offering varieties of cuisines and dishes established on the year 2012.  It was a dining experience that allows us to explore and try other cuisines such as Thai, Indonesian-Malaysian, Western, Steakhouse, and of course Filipino dishes. IMG_7462.jpgWe decided to try the restaurant which serves Indonesian-Malaysian Cuisine, Rumah Sate.
We ordered and had a chance to taste two of their appetizing menu. One is Sate Padang, a skewered grilled beef meat in hot and spicy yellow sauce worth of Php199.00 and another is Sate Babi, skewered grilled marinated pork belly with Indonesian sweet soy sauce costing Php180.00.  Both serving were beautifully presented and the taste was as good as it looked. The foods were spectacular together with side dish and we really enjoy our meal.  To neutralize the overwhelming taste, we also tried their Cherry Iced Tea and it was so good as well.

It was indeed a good choice of meal and a great choice of place to dine, and there are more to try in this food community.

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