Holy Week in Baguio

Why Tourists spend their Holy week in Baguio City?

The City of Pines is well known for its cold weather, the main reason why tourists choose to spend their Holy Week in the city.  Baguio City has many interesting, calm and quiet tourist spots which tourists can explore during Holy Week such as Burnham Park, Mines View Park, Wright Park, Camp John Hay and Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad Benguet. Baguio City also has churches which tourists can visit like Grotto Chapel, Baguio Cathedral, Saint Joseph, Pink Sisters Convent and Chapel, St. Vincent Church and Lourdes Church.

Holy week in Baguio City means a lot of fun and adventure. New friendships and relationships starts from these explorations. Baguio City never sleeps during Lent Season, as a proof we can see shops, cafés and restaurants busy with their 24 hours activity.  We all know that Lent season should be sacred and peaceful so if you want to escape the religious sternness in the metropolis during this season, pack up and head to the mountains for a great and peaceful experience.

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