TALK – Kim Ji Hoon takes a short note on learning English

I arrived approximately 3 months ago. When I came here, my English skills were terrible because I stop studying English a long time ago. Furthermore, I didn’t have confidence but I can’t give up. I need good English skills for my dream.

English consists of many subjects. Naturally, the whole subject is very important. However, I think, listening is the most important in English. Thus, I tried to spend almost all of my time to study listening. I’d like to improve my listening skills than other subjects. Even so, I didn’t study other subjects.

Every day, I memorized vocabulary and did homework. Especially, I liked writing. So, I made a lot of sentences. It was very fun and helped me improve my English skills. From my point of view, writing is the most enhanced than other subjects. Sometimes, I felt tired. But, my batch mates and I helped each other. We have competition in good faith. Also, I met good teachers. They always tried to help me with a smile.

After graduation, I’m going to Australia though, I’m not perfect yet. I will not stop studying English.

Thank you, my teachers. Thank you for your patience in teaching and effort for me!

— Kim Ji Hoon “JEFF”


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