TALK – Here is Chung Darae’s review about Yangco center of TALK

Hello, everyone! I’m Amy.

I have stayed in Yangco center for 3 months. For the time being, congratulations to my fellow graduates. We have been waiting for this day to come and finally, it’s our graduation day. Before we came here, we have had different reasons why we wanted to learn English. Besides, we had a lot of worries. I wonder did we succeed in improving our English skill?

Fortunately, during my stay here, I met a lot of people who became my friends and teachers.

First of all, I’m really thankful to my batchmates who have been nice, fu4nny and helped me adjust to the environment. Originally, I’m not confident in speaking English, so I challenged myself to be an EOP challenger. Then many of my batchmates joined and supported me. Because of this, I improved my speaking skill. At the same time, we became closer with each other because we often gather during our break time and chat using English.

Second, thanks to all my classmates who made our class time exciting. I really had lovely class time with them.

Finally, to all my teachers, I really appreciate all your efforts in teaching me. You have taught me patiently and fixed my English mistakes. You have been kind friendly and did your best for me to enjoy our class time. It was really worth it to meet you. I’ll always remember you, and I’ll miss studying with you.

As a student for 3 months, I learned many things from all the people I met in this academy. It is such an honor to meet you guys. Good luck to all of us.

Thank you for listening.

— Chung “Amy” Darae


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