TALK – Student Life of Lee Hosung “ERIC”

Hello everyone. I’m Eric.

First, how old do I look? 24? 25? Nope. My international age is 15. In Korea, it is 17. It means I’m a teenager. Also, I didn’t go to high school yet. I’m the only teenager in TALK Academy. Who is a teenager here?

When I first came to the TALK Academy, I felt very embarrassed. I was lonely because everyone was an adult and I spent a single room for the first two weeks, and I did not have any confidence to study in the dormitory for 3 months. There was a lot of pressure to study because I had to study for a long time.

On the firs1t night, many people, including our batch, entered the study room after a day’s work and studied further late at night. I had never studied like that in Korea and I was afraid that many people should do it.

Many students are studying hard at Baguio TALK Academy even though they are adults, I was more stimulated and I thought I should work hard. I think because of being young, everything helped and gave me determination, so when I do out on weekends, I had to come back at 7:00, and I did not even have a teenage friend to play with.

But, luckily, I met good batchmates so I had lots of fun and experience. Sometimes, they fix my behavior when I have a problem, sometimes they give me a straight tip, and sometimes they became a mentor to my life. When I feel hungry, they gave me some snack, when I feel sick, they gave me some medicine. My batchmates were not different from my mom and dad.

Do you know one shot, two kills? it means you get good things in one time. I know it’s hard but I think I did it because I learned a lot of English and life advice from my batchmates.

I also appreciate my teachers. Teachers kept me up to the details and cared for me well. I think a teacher’s job is very hard because teachers always have to change for different students every hour. They are like chameleons. So I really respect our TALK Academy teachers.

I came here not just to learn English speaking and listening, but also to gain confidence. After three months, my speaking, listening, and confidence improved.

The center manager told me that living and studying at Yangco TALK Academy would be difficult to me, but I did it. If I’m able to survive here, why can’t you? Sometimes, it is hard to concentrate on studying and sometimes it is not easy to solve, but when we patient it, we can do it!

So to all of you who feel like giving up, don’t despair but try to be positive and patient. Later, I will go to New Zealand high school, and I think I can survive in a foreign high school with English and life advice from what I learned from people here. I hope that each of you will study English hard for your own goals, your own life and be a better person.

Thank you for listening.

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