Tuddingan Falls (La Union Province)

Tuddingan Falls 3

The Province of La Union maybe the smallest in terms of land area from the 4 provinces of Ilocos Regione but it is as blessed as its neighboring provinces in terms of natural wonders. Besides being frequented for its “surfable” waves in the towns of San Juan and Bacnotan, the province has several majestic waterfalls.

Tudingan Falls 1


Tuddingan Falls 2

Tuddingan Falls have a 70 feet tall waterfalls with rocks layered beautifully, perfect for picture taking.  From our home-ground, Baguio City, how to get there will take you more than an hour and another half an hour to reach the falls.

When you get there, witness the majestic beauty of the water flow down the falls and enjoy the swim at the bottom of the falls. It’s a great adventure to connect with nature.


Images by: www.roamulofied.files.wordpress.com & www.media-cdn.tripadvisor.com

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