BECI – Sally believes that this school is the best choice for studying English

My name is Sally and I am from China.

I can say that Baguio City is a perfect place for studying. The weather is very comfortable.

My agency recommended BECI so I chose it. I enjoyed studying English in BECI and enjoyed the life as a student. My first week in BECI is quite difficult because I have to use English most of the time but I gradually I get used to using English in communicating and get used to the life as a student.

For students who will come to BECI first time, it will be challenging because the lounge and the academic building are EOP/ English Zone. Students have to work hard on their English to speak English smoothly.


My favorite teachers are Emmy and Jake. Their classes are very interesting and they know how to take care of their students very well.

I can say that BECI has excellent and well-trained teachers.  I recommend BECI as the best choice for studying English.

If I were you, choose BECI and you won’t regret it. I really appreciate teacher’s effort in teaching and understanding me. I improved my English because of their help.

I also would like to say thanks to BECI for all the help and guide.

— Sally

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