Baguio is one of the best places to study English in the Philippines

BEAUTIFUL CITY – Baguio is one of the most famous cities in the Philippines and has been celebrated as the Summer Capital of the country for the past 100 years. Baguio city is one of the places in the Philippines people always dream of living in. Just imagine the clear blue morning skies, foggy afternoons, and daily romantic evenings.


ACADEMICS – Baguio is also known as a city of education in the Philippines. A lot of students come to Baguio from other provinces to learn almost every school subject in English beginning in a young age, no wonder they can speak English very well. And that’s the secret behind the competent English teachers in the schools in Baguio.


GREEN  –  What do you imagine when you hear “The Philippines”? Tropical Islands? Beautiful Beaches? Baguio City is located in the mountainous Cordillera region surrounded by beautiful pine trees. Since it sits in a green setting, everything is relaxing and calm. Moreover, the average temperature in Baguio ranges from 15-23 degrees Celsius. That’s why Baguio is one of the most visited spots in the Philippines. The cold climate is also inductive and helpful for studying.


UNIQUE – Baguio city is a natural haven for artists because of its lovely natural environment and the rich cultural heritage of the Cordillera Region. Baguio is also influenced by American and Spanish cultures due to its historic colonization.

                Baguio city was planned and developed with the help of Mr. Daniel Burnham, who also designed Washington D.C., this is why mixed culture and art is evident in this city.

INTEGRITY – Baguio is a symbol of integrity.

                People here are known for honesty, fairness, and friendliness –all of which are key traits of the Filipino people. You would not find it difficult to go out and make new friends.

MORE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS – Studying English is still the most important, of course. Let me introduce the Baguio English School Association. The Baguio English School Association (BESA) is composed of eleven members. These members are considered as the forerunners of ESL Learning in Baguio City, and some are the longest- running academies in the Philippines. Over the years, these members strive to ensure quality education and services to the clients they cater to. BESA continues to promote and guarantee excellent education for all students to this day.

                Come to Baguio and do not miss this wonderful opportunity.


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