BECI – Muna Ali says, ‘I will recommend BECI as the best academy for English Learning’

My husband and his friend were walking one day and passed by BECI. They went inside to inquire. They met one of their managers, her name is Ailene. She warmly welcomed them and gave information which they needed. After the inquiry and negotiation, we decided to enroll and study.

BECI for me is a good English academy for some reasons, such as the teachers are professional and the managers are friendly. In addition to that, BECI has best facilities such as open ground which gives a good atmosphere. The lounge area is spacious and it is indeed a good place to self-study.

I studied for 3 months and I can say I improved a lot. Their ENGLISH ONLY POLICY (EOP),  in which you cannot speak your own language helped me to improve. These days I speak with anyone fluently. I can express myself better than before and I can have a smooth conversation with confidence, unlike the first time I started here.

BECI has exciting activities such as trips and programs outside the school like OUTREACH PROGRAM. The school organized an outreach program in which I joined with my friends and classmates. We went to Elementary School to teach the children. On our part, my team has to teach and discuss recycling. I consider that as a good experience in my life because it doesn’t happen all the time.

As a former student, I will recommend BECI as the best academy to my relatives and friends.

— Muna Ali

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