A&J – Brian recounts his experiences in this ESL school

I am really happy to inform you of my life here. Honestly, I studied in the other academy for 4 months before I came here. In other words, I am little sure that I could tell you that more information comparing with each other.


Most of all, the impression of Baguio, at first sight, was so exotic and gorgeous. It looked as if I were in one of the European countries, not Southeast Asia. Particularly, the view of Burnham Park through the window in my room is quite attractive and the Park is a suitable place that I can exercise or go for a walk.

In addition, there are many kinds of convenience stores and fast-food restaurants just at a stone’s throw away. The academy is sort of penthouse in a hotel, so I have satisfied with the facilities which looked like an extraordinary dormitory.

Actually, when I came to the Philippines at first, I could not imagine studying TOEFL because it was my first time to study English after I graduated from high school about five years ago. Of course, I  think that my English ability could not be worse.

However, I am studying TOEFL with experienced and friendly teachers including the vice president whose nationality is from the US.

I am going to upload other information sooner or later. Anyway, thank you for sharing your priceless time to read it. See you guys again!

— Brian

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