BECI – Haley from Korea describes what does it feel like traveling with the teachers

Hello, my name is Haley, and I have been studying in BECI for 4 months now.

When I was in Korea, the job which I wanted requires English skill so I decided to study ESL in the Philippines. I chose BECI among other language schools because it is located in Baguio which has a cool weather and BECI has a good environment suitable for studying.


On the student’s first day, they take entry test and the following day its class time. Every new student receives their class schedule in accordance with the result of their entry test.

When I took the class for the first time, I was very stressed out because the environment was completely different from Korea, but I was able to have a fun lesson with my professional and thoughtful teachers. They listened to what I was saying and corrected my wrong grammar, pronunciation, and misspelled words. I am thankful for my teachers’ help and effort.

During the weekdays, I devoted myself to studying and on the weekends I went out. I wanted to speak more and measure how much improvement I had so one of my teacher’s recommended me to visit a local university. I did and I spent some quality time with the local students.

I joined the weekend travel tour which BECI organizes. I traveled to Hundred Islands with some students and teachers. Some teachers were there to guide the students which make the trip safer and more convenient. I enjoyed a variety of activities such as snorkeling, zip line, and diving with my close friends here in BECI. The teachers helped students to prepare the foods. I was touched by the teacher’s effort in helping us to prepare the food.

I can say that this is BECI’s one strong point, traveling with teachers.

I wanted to thank my teachers who always motivate me that I can do it.I was able to have my confidence in English because of them. Some would say 4 months in BECI is quite long time but I don’t think so. BECI gave me unforgettable memories. I will miss BECI.

— Haley

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