MONOL – Let us go back with Rita Chiu on her experience studying abroad (Part 2)

From the first review Rita had written, here is another one that she’d like to share:

I have finished my trip for six months. I came to Monol to study English before I start working.

Why did I choose Monol? It’s not only because the quality of the teachers is the best, but also because there is a different view in Baguio compared to other cities.

Let’s continue reading…

Rita Chiu 3 Testimony EN-1Rita Chiu 3 Testimony EN-2Rita Chiu 3 Testimony EN-3Rita Chiu 3 Testimony EN-4Rita Chiu 3 Testimony EN-5Rita Chiu 3 Testimony EN-6Rita Chiu 3 Testimony EN-7

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