BECI – Find out why this Chinese girl loves Baguio so much that she returns to the city to study again

I am Su, Mengjin and my English name is Beryl. I am actually a returnee student. I studied in BECI for 8 weeks and I went back to China. When I was in China, I gave it a lot of thought to come back and study. I had the chance to choose to go to another English academy, but I decided to go to BECI for my second time.


In China, only a few people know that the Philippines can teach English, neither the idea that it’s the right place to learn the basic and even master the English Language. The price is really affordable compared to other countries. So, I would say that it is a good decision to come to the Philippines specifically Baguio for ESL learning. The weather is cool, and the people are so warm and hospitable, and most of all it is a safe city.

I chose BECI because it has a pretty good environment which is ideal for studying. It gives me the feeling of calmness and peacefulness. For most of the students, they like the lounge area, but for me, I really like the open grounds of the school because the scent of nature and the sunshine simply makes my day. I always love having my classes outdoors for the reason that it makes me alive and more active. Another reason why I came back is that the people I met in BECI eventually became my close friends.

I stayed in BECI for 12 weeks. I can say that the teachers are good and BECI environment is fantastic and the food is acceptable. One of my favorite teachers is Geno — he is very optimistic and inspirational.

The advice I can give to people who would like to come to the Philippines is to choose Baguio as a place for studying. I also would like to say that Filipinos’ can speak the English language well, that is the reason why they can teach it effectively.

For my final word, “You only live once”, so enjoy your life and just try to adapt and live with whatever you encounter in your daily life.

— Beryl

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