TALK – Read about Bastian’s life as a student

Hi, Good afternoon, everyone! How’s your lunch? Did you enjoy it?

Last Wednesday, I was surprised when the officer told me, “You are the best student for this month.”

I didn’t expect to be the best student. Actually, on my first day, while I was staying on the first floor, I saw the best students’ picture posted on the wall. I asked myself, could I be one of the best students for this year?

Then, I smiled because it won’t happen.  I wished for it, and my wish came true.

After my first month in here, I was confused about my English improvement. I made some questions to myself.

“What do I need to improve?”

“How can I improve my English skills?”

And then I thought, I needed to have a schedule and more importantly, I needed to discipline myself.

I’ve been following and keeping my schedule for 9 weeks until now. I’ve been studying hard. I always ask my teacher when I don’t understand the lesson.

I know what I want and need, so I make it a point to achieve the reason why I am here. I wasn’t shy to ask them to repeat the lesson again and again. I want to say thank you for giving me this. I also thank all my teachers and I want to say thank you to teacher Nico. He’s my night class teacher. After a month of studying, with him, I can feel my pronunciation is getting better.

The first time I saw him, I thought, “He’s crazy”, and I asked myself “How could I study with him?”

In our night class, he gave us a lot of home works that made me tired and became a zombie. Sometimes, I thought I want to hit him, I want to kill him. I’m just kidding you, guys. The homework was useful to improve my pronunciation.

Finally, I want to say thank you to all of you guys. Enjoy the time you have. Have a good weekend.

— Bastian

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