TALK – JM takes his leave from Talk Academy and this is his little speech

Ladies and gentlemen, ates and kuyas, managers, teachers, fellow graduates, a pleasant morning to everyone.

Three months in Baguio will be a memorable experience for me.

First, all of my teachers are perfect and so are my friends. I thank them for treating me like a friend and a brother. Even if I go back to Korea, I will surely contact you frequently.

Secondly, thanks to my batch mates. They have always treated me kindly and made many memories together. We have always studied, traveled and experienced many new things. If it weren’t because of them, I would not have done it alone. So, I will be forever grateful.

Finally, today is our graduation ceremony. I wish everyone good luck, good health and success in everything you do. I will always learn new things, fill in the missing gaps and accept more challenges. I will try to be a good person based on these experiences and the knowledge gained here. The 3 months I spent here was a precious time.

— JM

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