A recap on why to study in Baguio

As of this year’s records on numbers of enrollees, events and places, by far it shows that our schools are really up to boosting the schools towards a better and better educational institution for English language.  The Baguio English Schools Association is one that is dominating in the City along with all the members of the association which takes part on the improvements as an English course provider.

 This year’s list of events includes several visits of representatives from different countries.  Some of the visitors are from Japan and Vietnam for Familiarization Tours held for three days each.  A brief recap on this is giving the representatives a warm welcome, a fun and learning tours on the different schools, and an enjoyable stroll on some of the tourist spots around.

One factor the association is proud of, is that the number of enrollees is not the only ones increasing but also the diversity of which the students are coming from.  Aside from the countries mentioned above, we have enrollees as well from Middle East, China and Taiwan.  The statistics inclination on these number of enrollees and events should be maintained for the reason of bringing more success on giving quality education and credibility on each schools performances.

Earlier this year, there were post New Year escapade at Vigan City, Ilocos Sur and a trip to Hundred Islands in Alaminus City Pangasinan. We also held an outreach program for a meet and greet with some students of an elementary school here in Baguio City.  And there were also enjoyable activities such as swimming at Kultura Splash Waterpark and picnic at Camp John Hay for the Junior Summer Camp just recently.

 Without the great initiative and ideals of the persons on the executive management, these happenings would have not been possible. That is why the people on the management should be given gratitude and a tap on their shoulder for shouldering the hard work to achieve a job well done for the welfare of everyone. Having said all those, no doubt, you should build a good experience and memory here in Baguio.  Choose to be part of BESA.


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