aIndeed, there are many reasons that motivate many people to study. Who has more practical goals? Who looks forward to building a successful career in a company or even finding a good job? They are professionals. The top reason to study is that it is the best way to change and improve your life.

I love many things. I am keen on learning English language because I think it is important for everyone. English is the primary language of not only a country, but also many businesses, education, and communication between countries. If I study hard, I can go to a better university. It is imperative for me to get a good job. It will not only change my life, but also my family’s. I have to study English hard. Studying is a basic requirement for a good future.

We live in a world which demands highly developed communication skills, sociability, and collaboration. As a global language, English plays a really big role worldwide. Surely, there should be more motivations which will push people to achieve English fluency.


How about you? What motivates you to study?

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