Infographics: Your guide in exploring Baguio City

When you choose to study in Baguio, you will not be stocked in your classroom or in your school ground.  We recommend you to go out and explore as there are many things to do here in the City.  When you don’t have classes, take the opportunity to stroll around and experience what Baguio is famous about.

While studying in Baguio, you can also do a lot of things here.  Below are graphics of information on what to do out of school.


Top 20 dishes in Baguio
Mark your calendar
A month guide on where to eat in Baguio.
A month guide on what to do in Baguio City.
Image: Our Awesome Planet

These information could either be food, places, accommodations, events and people.  Witness them all while you are still here.

Just want to share my picks. Here are some of my favorites:

1.  Jack’s Rice
2.  Ghasat Resto
3.  Sala @ The Camp
4.  Half Cup
5.  Kairuz Cafe

What’s your favorite? Comment below and share with your friends.

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