The Choice of Choosing Baguio City, Philippines

When you choose to study English language in the Philippines, the perk is not only learning efficiently.  On the other hand, you also have the perks of exploring new places and find adventure on trying the delicacies.  There are also comparative reasons why students choose this country over others.

According to BBC News Philippines, one factor that attracts students to switch here is because of the rates.  It is way less expensive compared to the US, UK and Australia.  Another factor is the Filipino accent.  This is a major advantage because teachers here have clear American accent due to the US colonization in history.

English Speaking Countries

Although all countries have something to offer in terms of tourists spots and foods, the Philippines, or Baguio City rather, is undeniably has something unique about it on why foreigners love it here.  Same goes with BESA Schools; there is that particular reason on choosing to be part of its institutions.

DOT with learning.jpg

But why to choose us? Simply because our English providers in Baguio under BESA are competitive, a tested and trusted academies, have excellent teachers, with outstanding curriculum, good amenities and facilities provided, and of course the exceptional weather and environment of the City.

As much as the competitive market on English learning students are booming, BESA is proud to welcome everyone and be a certified BESA Alumni. Be BESAfied!


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