Top Universities in Baguio

Often times, foreigners does not come to Baguio only for learning English. They come here as well to take their baccalaureate courses and as part of entering to a university, they need to learn English first.  Having known that Baguio City is the educational center here in the North that welcomes any nationality, these universities are teaching in English to accommodate all the students.

Here are the top five universities in Baguio City using English language in teaching.

Note: List are in NO particular order, expressed by the writer based on  his/her own opinion

1.Saint Louis University

Saint_Louis_University_(Baguio)_logo bloxxislove.wordpress.comSaint Louis University is a private Roman Catholic School started as a one room elementary school in year 1911, then high school at 1921 up to college in 1952.  SLU is one of the highly regarded university here in the Region and is also the leading educational institution in the country.

Over the years, it had received awards such as Center of Excellence and Development by the Commission on Higher Education(CHED), Top performing school in licensure examinations, Builders of Baguio Award and many more.


SLU view


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2. University of Baguio

UBSEAL_AI_University of Baguio was founded on year 1948 by  Tatay Fernando G. Bautista and Nanay Rosa C. Bautista. This institution has been a legacy to the Bautista’s and now still managed by a Bautista bloodline.  UB is the only private university here in Baguio that have a Olympic sized pool for student use,  especially in physical education class.

This university is mostly chosen by foreign students worldwide because it envisions accepting students from all walks of life.


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3. University of the Cordilleras

university-of-the-cordilleras-logoThe University of the Cordilleras was formerly known as Baguio Colleges whereas it was initially for tertiary education in 1946.  It was later on converted year 1966 as an educational foundation, Baguio Colleges Foundation, and since then become more famous for study.

UC  was founded by Atty. Benjamin Salvosa after the World War II.  The City of pines was his target as university town. Thus, this university has been distinctive among others with the used of color green to represent the university on inter-university competitions in the City.



4. University of the Philippines

up-logoUniversity of the Philippines-Baguio first came to the City on the year 1938 after being transferred from Ilocos Sur.  At first it was only a branch for Liberal Arts but up to date there were also others courses offered in this university.  It was reestablished year 1961 after the war during that time.

The naked man statue symbolizes UP as a tradition in the university as what they call, Oblation Run, and this is seen in all branches of the University of the Philippines.



5. Baguio Central University

BCU-LOGO-Custom This university was first the Centro Academy in the year 1945 as a vocational school and became The Baguio Central University years back at 1977.  BCU as administered solely by Margarita Fernadez after the death of her co-founder and husband Godofredo Fernandez.

“Baguio Central University has lived and continued to soar to a high endeavor through libertad (liberty), justitia (justice), veritas (truth), and equitas (equity)”.


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