JIC – Taking Part with the Fire Drill conducted by Baguio Fire Department

Fire, which is considered to be man’s greatest invention, is also thought to be one of the deadliest man-made disasters.

As useful as it is, it also comes with risks and hazards, especially if it isn’t handled properly. As Robert Herrick said, “A spark neglected makes a mighty fire.”

This is particularly true here in the Philippines, where most of the houses are made up of inflammable materials. In urban areas, we would usually see small houses that are so close to each other. This makes it possible for fire to spread easily showing no mercy for everything that it could possibly turn into ashes leaving the families to grieve for what they have lost.

This situation also makes it difficult for fire trucks to reach the said destination making it so difficult to kill the fire so as to stop it from destroying more properties and even, taking lives in dire circumstances.


photo by: Teacher Eunika

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Since fire is made by man, it can also be prevented and controlled. For this reason, people should be well-informed on fire prevention techniques and on what to do in case a fire breaks out. As responsible citizens, we should practice fire evacuation drills so as to prepare us on what we are supposed to do.

On June 9, JIC had the privilege of being trained and learned from the brave firefighters of Baguio Fire Department. They gave us some insights on how to act when a fire breaks out. They even showed us how to put out a fire using fire extinguishers and wet towels which we can easily get a hold of. I was lucky enough to have tried using a fire extinguisher. After teaching us on how to stop the fire, we were given instructions to perform the Fire Evacuation Drill. With the assistance of these brave men, we were able to perform it properly. From this activity, both students and teachers learned a great deal of information.

As important as it is, it would be beneficial to all if we have knowledge on these kinds of things so as to keep us safe from any disaster that we may face.In summary, I think that we should always be careful and be on alert wherever we are since disaster and accidents can strike at any time. It is best to be prepared and vigilant. After all, prevention should always come first.

– Teacher Shanize Farongyad

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