BESA and the State of the Nation Address

Our President Rodrigo Duterte recently delivered his second State of the Nation Address on July 24, 207. This SONA is to address the current status of the country and what actions were made to maintain the welfare of the country people.

Relating it to Baguio English Schools Association, we also have our steps and measures how to properly address the concerns and for the good of our schools and mostly, for our students.

The SONA was themed A Comfortable Life for All. This is so relevant to BESA because a comfortable living is what we wanted at the end of the path that students will take. That is why we think of our students how we can provide them an easy life while having their study away from their respective origins.

The country’s leader also talks about the 2018 national budget which most of it is allotted for education. And again, that is what he and our association have in common – we value education. We value the English education.

Here in the country, we provide a quality education and we assure you of experiences that will make you happy to choose the Philippines. Also, choose BESA for a comfortable and quality English language learning experience.

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