Things to know about BESA

There are 13 schools under BESA, but only 9 are currently active.


According to BESA  Japan, It was founded in March 1, 2004.


Majority of students are South Koreans, followed by Chinese.

All teachers at least have a Bachelor’s Degree (4 years in College).

Most of the teachers, office staffs and kitchen cooks are from the Philippines.

Speaking English is compulsory inside the school premises, applicable to all persons.

Middle Eastern has the least number of students but still growing in number.

All schools offer 1 on 1 Teacher and Student session.

BESA changes office each year, in rotation to all schools and is in BECI grounds at present.


There are 16 countries constantly visiting and viewing our website.


Top 5 Visitors of our Blog

For 13 years, BESA was intensively managed and promoted this year, 2017.


BESA’s online visibility has been rapidly increasing over the past months.



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