EOP Policy in BESA Schools

Concerning all BESA Schools in the Philippines, including BESA Japan and BESA Korea and all other counterparts, the EOP or the English Only Policy is important.

churvah (1).jpg

Since BESA and our Schools are English learning providers, it is implemented to have an English Only Policy to apply what the students have learned and to make them comfortable of speaking more on English.  This applies also to the teachers, staffs and anyone inside the designated place or around the premises of the schools.


If a student is caught speaking in their native language in a designated area for the 1st time, he/she should be given a “yellow card” as a WARNING.

Possible consequence:  A written sentence of “I will not speak in my own language until I’m here.” This is only applicable to the 1st offence only. 10 White sheet of A4 Paper, 20 sentence each in page, front side. This is total of 200. This exercise will allow improve one’s handwriting and helps to realize that English is very important nowadays.


If the student was caught again speaking in their mother tounge other than English, an “orange” card shall be given as a 2nd WARNING.

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Possible consequence: The person will personally introduce himself/herself (Name, Country of origin and reason for studying English in the school, Reason for working/studying in the Academy or Institute etc) in front of all students during lunch or dinner time, and personally shakes hand of everyone present there.

For a final warning, a “red” card will be issued by the office in-charge and shall pay a small fine or punishment.

churvah (4).jpg

This exercise will boost self esteem and confidence, within one’s self and helps in socializing and interacting with different nationalities.


“The essence of learning English is to use it. Therefore, use it as much as possible to improve our own English speaking capability.”


Note: Fines collected for third offense shall be placed in a box, where it’s visible to everyone.  This shall by use for outreach purposes and shall be converted into notebooks, pens, pencil and other stationary items only.


A gentle remainder: Please co-operate and help one another.

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