I have been staying in JIC for 2months so that I can study IELTS. I need IELTS because I want to be a male nurse in New Zealand. Actually, my original plan was joining another academy, however the curriculum of JIC caught my eyes therefore I finally made up my mind to register at the this academy.

When I arrived in here at first time, I was surprised with the weather as it was cooler than my country. It means it was the best location to study English and there were no entertainment facilities near the academy. During the first week, I had to settle down to the local atmosphere. After that, I could adopt the environment without any difficulties. Overall, I was satisfied with all everything here because the Sparta course was very good to improve IELTS skills such as Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. Especially Speaking and writing were quite nice since it was difficult to improve these skills by myself. Whenever I took the weekly or monthly tests, I got detailed feedbacks from my teachers. Therefore I could know where I am.

2 Jic(Rio)Besa0809-2

Another merit point was the English speaking environment. Even though there were so many Korean students, I could speak English all day long because here in JIC, there are so many English zones so that we can speak only English. It was quite interesting. In addition, there is a challenger program. It was a kind of promotion to speak English. During my challenger program, i felt it was a little bit uncomfortable, however I always spoke English whenever I met friends and even Korean students.

Thanks to this program, my speaking was improved.

Main classes were consisted of 6 private classes so I could focus on all parts of subjects with my teachers. Whenever I attended my classes, I always was the inquisitive about  English to my teachers. I had to verify when i could not understand English. Moreover, when I reviewed some parts of the subjects, I always took notes so that I can ask my teachers  the next day. Furthermore, Taking memos and summarizing was one of my habits so I was reminded by my notes, therefore it was very informative for me. My teachers were professionals because they have very special teaching skills so I could follow them without any problems.

3 Jic(Rio)Besa0809-4

Among all classes, writing was a very difficult subject for me when I attended writing class for 2 hours daily. At that time, I was trained regarding the construction of essays from introduction to conclusion. In terms of introduction, I learnt how to write general statements, and thesis statement with different types of essays. And also I built my own introduction compositions. It was very helpful and saved my time. The most important thing was I had to paraphrase a topic by using a multitude of synonyms.

In the case of a body, the most important condition was to write logically. It means I have to follow the A.R.E.R (Answer, Reason, Example, Result) method. At first, it was difficult to follow the method. However, as time went by, this became familiar with me. Therefore I could use this medium for both body1 and body2 effectively. The most vital point in the body was that I had to check if my opinions are related with the topic logically.

In terms of conclusion, it was similar with writing an introduction. It means I used my own construction such as ‘In conclusion, there is no doubt that’. Moreover, I had to add my opinion if it was an opinionated essay. Aside from main classes, there were extra classes which were based on  BBC-listening, brainstorming, grammar and pronunciation class. Among them, I chose the BBC-listening and brainstorming classes because my weak points were how to create my ideas and listening skills. They were really helpful classes. In case of the brain storming class, I can share my ideas with other classmates. Therefore it is quite helpful for my idea building. Moreover, I could summarize a variety of ideas in my notes. If you are struggling with idea building, I strongly recommend attending this extra class.

Overall, I think I made a good choice to attend this academy.


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