KES – There’s something magical about this school’s name and you should know it

Situated in the quiet Tacay road was a comely, little school. In the middle of the fog that kisses the ground, it stands with a mystifying aura. No witchcraft can be found in there, but Keunmoon English School certainly has magic.

Started in 2011, KES is officially recognized by The Immigration Bureau (BID) under the Philippine government and authorized by TESDA under the Ministry of Education as an educational program provider for the English language. An affiliate of BESA, it holds pride as one of the few legitimate international English schools operating in Baguio. You may verify the legitimacy of schools by comparing their current address and school permit address.


It has a curriculum continually developed by researchers to provide a unique, comprehensive, and personalized learning materials for a better learning experience. In fact, the curriculum can be adjusted to suit the needs of the students. This allows students to choose the system of learning that they think is best for them.

The learning system at Keunmoon is chiefly done one on one, but it also has group classes comprised of four (4) students at most.  The entire school can accommodate a maximum number of twenty (20) enrollees, each to experience equal facilities and offerings.

Here is a quick link to its programs. 

Aside from its excellent program, it must be noted that they also provide fine accommodation ensuring your comfort in your life in Baguio. The school may be small but built with hotel-like convenience partnered with conducive learning spaces, access to wireless internet, and panoramic restaurant. It all fits in the cold climate of Baguio city similar to autumn in Korea which is favorable to one’s learning.

KES bears a slogan ‘Your Bridge to Global Interaction’ that guarantees the student’s future as abled individuals to step into the international scene through imparting competitive English skills.

How the slogan was formed rooted from the name of the school itself; that is where the magic lies.

Everyone might say that the word Keunmoon is an acronym that summarizes what the school can offer. Here is a refresher:

Keen Knowledge in English
Effective Teaching/ Learning Methods
Unparalleled Motivation to Help
Networking of English Skills through constant Communication
More English-Learning Related Activities
Outstanding Teachers and Tutors
Organized Learning Programs
New Building and Convenient Facilities

Cool, isn’t it? As a matter of fact, it holds a deeper meaning than that.

Keunmoon can actually be translated as ‘Big Gate’ which implies ‘Welcome’.

The metaphor in the name shows off that the school is open to everyone, and by ‘everyone’ it transcends that the barriers of age, politics, culture, and nationalities. In fact, because of the same principle, Keunmoon stands with Baguio English Learning Association.


The quality of education in KES is at par with the other affiliate schools, but what makes it more interesting is that it’s managed by only one person. This is a good factor in choosing the school for the transactions are done in a more casual approach, including all the inquiries and concerns of interested enrollees and students. Your convenience is assured for that hands-on person is the owner, Keunmoon Moonsun Kim.

Yes, the school was named after the owner. That is the last bean to spill today, but it doesn’t mean the magic has run out. You must discover all of it on your own, and just in case you’ve been hit with interest, here’s how to contact Keunmoon English School.

Telephone Number: 074-445-6478

Email Address:

Official Website:

Campus Address: Keunmoon Bldg. 34 Tacay Road Upper Quezon Hill Baguio City

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