TALK – Ahn Jun Hui recalls his 4-month stay in Baguio

Talk 10Good morning everyone. I’m Jun. I stayed here for 4 months. When I came here, I felt shy because I can’t speak English well. But now, my English skill is better than before. When I was in Korea, I think learning is easy but I was wrong. It was very hard. But then teachers and friends helped me, so I improved my English skill. Aside from my teachers, I also have Korean manager who act like a big brother to me by constantly giving me advice and guidance. I also want to say thank you to our beautiful head teacher because she also gives advice to Jace and me.

I have lots of memories here in Baguio like going to the PC room with friends and manager; eating out with teachers and friends and attending the volunteer service with teachers and other students. It was only 4 months but I felt like it was longer. I learned so many things that I am sure I can use in the future. Also, I made a lot of experience here that I will never forget. Good morning again and thank you very much.

— Ahn Jun Hui

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