TALK – Kim Nam Hun says, ‘Baguio will always be remembered’

Talk 4

Greetings everyone. Today is my last day as a student here and finally, I succeed in finishing my studies for 4 months.

During my stay here, I experienced lots of things such as exciting situations: (1) visiting different places like the tourist spots that Baguio has to offer, (2) restaurants that serve various menu, and that satisfies my palate, and (3) discovering cultures and meeting people with different perspectives. These are just some breathtaking experiences that taught me how colorful life could be and helped me overcome home-sickness.

But then, my friends and companions had to leave and go back to Korea. This is one of the saddest parts of staying here, we learn to make friends and learn to say goodbye when their time has come. However, if they’re gone I still have my brother and sister to help and accompany me. Now it’s our turn to go back our country and face what we have left behind, go back to reality and meet our

Now it’s our turn to go back our country and face what we have left behind, go back to reality and meet our loved ones. Moreover, even if we go back I hope that we won’t forget what we have learned here. Let’s keep them in our mind and continue to hone them no matter what. Because our knowledge in English is our hardship, it’s the fruit of our long stay in here. Let’s prove ourselves and make our teachers feel proud that our English skills have improved.

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude towards everyone, especially to the teachers who have given their effort to teach me even if I had hard time understanding the language before; the management for taking care of me and providing my basic needs; and of course, Manager Louis; brothers and sisters for guiding me and teaching me life lessons. Thank you, everyone.

Baguio will always be remembered. “Iyaman ken dakayo amin.” (Thanks to all of you)

— Kim Nam Hun “Bruce”


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